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My wife surprised me for my birthday with a ride on Paul’s boat.  Paul treats you like you are a friend of his that he hasn’t seen in the  last 10 years

— Wil S., San Jose, CA

If I could give 10 stars I would!Words cannot express how wonderful Captain Paul is; I will never forget my experience on his boat.  My fiancé took me out sailing on the San Francisco Bay with Captain Paul to ask me to marry him.  If any guy out there is looking for a proposal idea in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is it!  Your future fiancé will be swept off her feet :-).

We started our day in Sausalito, looped around Alcatraz, and my fiancé proposed out in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Captain Paul was well prepared with extra jackets, sunscreen, water, and anything else we may have needed while on the boat.  His boat, Fansea, is beautiful and extremely well maintained.  I loved sailing out on the bay!  I had never been sailing before, and this will not be the last time I head out with Captain Paul.

My proposal:  I found out after the fact that Paul had worked with my fiancé for weeks to plan my perfect proposal.  They had “code words” planned out to signal to each other when the boat was in the right position for him to pop the question.  They made sure the sails were arranged appropriately for picture taking, and he positioned the boat in a way that allowed us to float very calm on the water with no wind.  As my fiancé proposed, Paul and his wife discretely took many photos of the moment, and popped open a bottle of champagne for us when I said “yes”.  The boat was large enough that I felt like it was just my fiancé and I on the water.  We had our own moment in the front of the boat, and I am so happy I have pictures to remember it by.  During the entire boat trip, my fiancé’s iPod was playing his selected playlist, and Paul cued up “our song” for the proposal. We drank champagne and enjoyed the beautiful day out on the bay listening to music the rest of the trip.

It was very clear that Paul went the extra mile to make this the perfect wedding proposal.  He was very accommodating and friendly.  I know it has already been said, but if anyone is wondering how to propose to their girlfriend and looking for a great idea you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Captain Paul and First Mate Barbara for making this moment in my life so special.  I will never forget all you have done for us!

— Laura R., San Francisco, CA


First word that comes to mind is WOW! My wife and I were on our honeymoon and staying in Sausalito for a couple of nights. Our hotel botched our reservation (they made right), and we were looking for a relaxing way to spend the day. Someone at the hotel recommended Adams Sailing Charters so we set it up.

Captain Paul was amazing. He got a feel for what we wanted to do, if we wanted to take an active part in the sailing of his magnificent boat, or just chill and be in love and let him do his thing. We wanted to do a little of everything. He gave us a run down of the boat, of sailing, the safety drill and we were off. He asked if we wanted info on the area or just the scenery-(nice of him to ask as I have been on some excursions before and could not get someone to shut up) He provide a lot of great info and history on the Golden Gate Bridge, the sea lanes, navigation, Alcatraz, the SF Bay, Angel Island, and some of more colorful residents of the area..(.the Grace Slick story was great!)

My wife and I both got to take turns at the wheel. Captain Paul took plenty of pictures for us. The boat is state-of-the-art and the head doesn’t stink- let him explain why! There were plenty of snacks, drinks (adult and rehydrating) and sunscreen. It was the best three hours of our day.

After we got back to the dock, we sat around talking and sharing a bottle of wine like old friends. I have been around the block and seen many things, so I can say with utmost sincerity that if you want a quality charter with someone you love, you can’t go wrong with Captain Paul.

Thanks Paul for helping to turn around a challenging start to a honeymoon and setting the stage for the best week of my life (so far!)

— Steve R., Lawrence, KS


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